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Hiring a professional Wallcovering Contractor

Do not get stuck in the do it yourself trap. Hire a professional Wallcovering Contractor with proof of liability insurance. Get a great installation without hassle or mess, and get professional removal when you want to change the look.

According to Jim Hite and the Hite Report created for The Bell Systems, wallcovering is more economical than paint in the long run. Paint needs to be redone every six months in high traffic locations and at the longest every three years in low use areas. Wallcovering can stay in a location from five to fifteen years depending on use of the areas and types of wallcovering installed. See the article "Walls With Style," in Window Fashion Vision, for more on this:

Be sure to tell your Wallcovering Contractor specifics about your installation job and time schedule. Get a written, detailed contract with all of the specifics and work needed given clearly. Be sure the Contractor's license number is on the contract before signing.